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A man’s shed needs a good selection of man tools (right next to the fridge that holds the beer). Tools that you can use to do man stuff and take on projects other than your trusty lawn mower and chainsaw that is. Because nothing’s worse than trying to get a project done with the wrong tools for the job. Here’s a good rundown of some indispensable tools for your/his man shed.

This time of year can be a challenging one for West Australian gardeners. Trying to keep the superb look of our gardens while coping with the inevitable water restrictions is a test for even the most skilled of green thumbs.

Sure, riding mowers are fine…for mowing, that is. Or maybe if you want to pull a cute little wagon with it. But when you really need to get some work done on your property, you soon may find out how inadequate a riding mower really is for your needs.

Fire fighting pumps are a real necessity for Perth homes, particularly when summer rolls around. It is quite simply a pump that will supply water at a quicker rate than you could hope to draw by hand, making it very useful for tasks like fighting fires or even filling up a swimming pool. You can even leave it on to do the job by itself if you have it set up in the right position. There are a variety of types of pumps as well as rates of function – you can measure them by looking at their discharge capacity.

A pressure washer isn’t just ‘another tool’ for the collection, it’s one of the most versatile and useful household items. An essential part of any bloke’s shed, pressure washers can make day-to-day life much easier – especially in summer when pollen builds up on your home’s exterior and the greasy film from air pollution seems to cover everything in sight.

As we’re heading into spring, the need for a reliable ride-on mower has become critical for many home-owners in Perth. With so many models to choose from, it can be difficult to select the best mower for your needs. Factors like the size of your lawn, type of terrain, and obstacles in your lawn will greatly impact the decision-making process.

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Have you ever found yourself ready to mow your lawn, only to realise that no matter how hard you try, your lawn mower simply won’t start? It happens all the time — especially if it’s a model that you’ve been using for years. After all, your lawn mower has served you all this time, trimming the grass and helping you make your lawn look nothing short of spectacular. Unfortunately, your lawn mower won’t work forever. The thought of replacing it with a new model may sound scary, but there comes a point when finding a new mower is your only option. Here are 5 reasons why your trusty lawn mower needs to be put into retirement.

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Whether you’re in Glen Forrest or Wandi, Alkimos or Tuart Hill, you need the best quality generator to get the job done. But how do you know that the generator you’ve found is the one for you?

Now that the winter season is upon us, we all have lots of work ahead of us to prepare. This is especially true for your garden maintenance equipment.

You need a gator. You really need a gator. You know that, we know that, but does your better half know that? If only there were some way to let them know how important a purchase this could be for your family. Fortunately, there is. In fact, we can think of five excellent ways to convince your spouse that you really, really need a John Deere Gator in your lives…

Family Owned and Run – Our Business Strength

Beacon Equipment is proud to be a West Australian family owned and run business. Our story began in 1992 when Michael and Jan Beacon bought Mowfix Mower and Chainsaw Centre in Canning Vale. Our passion has always been outdoor equipment from stocking the latest chainsaws to ride-on mowers, generators, pressure cleaners and of course lawn mowers in Perth. Over the following 17 years after purchasing the outdoor power equipment company, the expert Mowfix team earned prestigious recognition of being a nationally recognized John Deere and Stihl dealer of the year in Perth. We pride ourselves on our extensive range of products we carry, backed by our fully qualified sales and service team. In 2011 we changed our name to Beacon Equipment as you know us today. We felt this name change would better encompass who we are as a company as our range of products has grown from your everyday lawn and backyard equipment to commercial and industrial power equipment. In 2012 we established the Perth Stihl Shop in Cockburn Central to increase our range as a Stihl specialist in Western Australia & make our services and products more accessible and convenient to our customers. Our Canning Vale and Cockburn Central outdoor power equipment stores are currently run by father and son team, Michael & Andrew Beacon and we can’t wait to share our family business with you! Come on down to one of our stores today.


Stihl & John Deere – Nationally Recognised

Beacon Equipment outdoor power tool specialists are a nationally recognized Stihl and John Deere dealer in Perth, Western Australia. We stock the best range of products in the state and have a fully qualified team of mechanics ready to assist you for any service or repair needs. With a large number of John Deere products in our Perth stores, our team can help you choose the best John Deere mower or grounds care equipment for your needs including a great range of the revolutionary John Deere Gators for sale.


2 Huge well located showrooms – Extensive range of products

At Beacon Equipment we place importance on not only providing you the best products in the industry but an extensive range to choose from in a showroom not full of clutter. Our showrooms are modern and spacious to give you the ultimate shopping experience, whether you’re looking for a mower or chainsaw in Perth We have 2 outdoor power equipment stores in Perth. Our dedicated Perth Stihl Shop is located in Cockburn Central and you’ll find all our other products in our Canning Vale store. Come on down and have a browse, chat to our friendly team and make sure you have the right tools for your backyard.


Fully Qualified Technicians –Trained in the biggest brands

Ensuring your outdoor equipment is running to the best of its ability is our top priority. Our service and repair team work out of a fully equipped service workshop to make sure your equipment will get up and running as soon as possible. Our fully qualified mechanics are backed by the largest brands in the industry like John Deere, Stihl and Honda. We place importance on our staff and making sure they’re 100% help to you. However we also like to encourage eager new mechanics so we offer an internal apprenticeship program through Beacon Equipment. Our technicians are ready to go the extra mile for you and can help arrange pick-up and delivery of your outdoor equipment as well as repairing or servicing your outdoor and lawn equipment on site. See our full list of available equipment repairs and servicing here.