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Christmas is just around the corner and the beautiful summer weather is certainly here. Christmas is a wonderful time to share gifts with family and close friends while creating great new memories. With the warm temperatures and sunny skies, there’s no doubt many Australians will be spending their Christmas holidays relaxing outdoors. If you’re planning to make the most of Perth’s beautiful weather spending time with family and friends in your backyard, it may be time to look at some unique gifts suited to outdoor living.

Landscaping and Gardening Gear

If you know someone that’s a bit of a handyman/woman or green thumb in the garden, consider gifting some landscaping or gardening gear. Beacon Equipment hasa great range of Stihl® landscaping equipment and John Deere ride on and zero turn mowers which make for great Christmas gifts. These well-known and highly rated brands provide high-quality equipment sure to impress.

Here are a few popular backyard landscaping gift ideas:

  1.  Chainsaws
  2.  Blowers
  3.  Ride on Mowers 
  4.  Pressure Cleaners
  5.  Line Trimmers / Brush Cutters

Outdoor Wine Coolers

If one of your family members or friends love their wine, consider getting them an outdoor wine cooler. Perfect for outdoor entertaining, these specialised fridges will keep your white wine chilled all summer long. Or perhaps get crafty and shop for gifts to turn their (or yours!) patio into a wine lover’s oasis.

Want a nifty gift for your friends? Pure Class Wine Bags specialise in providing insulated wine bags, perfect to keep your wine chilled while you’re out and about. These nifty bags come in a range of styles and designs and make a great gift your friends are sure to be impressed by.

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Slip and Slide – Perfect Gift for The Australian Summer Holidays

If you have a lawn or soft ground in your backyard, gifting a slip and slide is sure to be a crowd favourite. You can purchase a child’s slip and slide from most department or outdoor accessory stores in Perth. Simply spray with water and add some non-irritant soap, strap on the kid’s goggles and swimming gear and they’ll be entertained for hours.

Don’t want kids to have all the fun?

Head to your closest tarpaulin or canvas shop and purchase a larger piece of material suitable for your backyard. Lay it out on your grass or soft ground and tie down the corners. This can be used as a larger slip and slide suitable for both children and adults. At the end of summer, don’t forget to dry off the tarp and store appropriately for use in future years.

If you’re searching for the best backyard equipment for Christmas, contact the expert team at Beacon Equipment on 08 9456 5811 today!