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Christmas is just around the corner and the beautiful summer weather is certainly here. Christmas is a wonderful time to share gifts with family and close friends while creating great new memories. With the warm temperatures and sunny skies, there’s no doubt many Australians will be spending their Christmas holidays relaxing outdoors.

Zero Turn Mowers aren’t new, but they’re certainly increasing in popularity here in Australia. They began as commercial vehicles for large areas of agricultural land, but they’re becoming more and more popular for the smaller business and domestic users. It’s easy to see why – they are powerful, compact, offer a low centre of gravity and despite their solid construction, prices have become more affordable.

Thousands of injuries are caused every year due to incorrect use of lawn mowers and lack of safety precautions. One of the best ways to help reduce the risk posed by lawn mowers is to wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). It is not only important to wear appropriate PPE, but also to maintain it. If you are unsure if your equipment is up to standard, visit the Safe Work Australia website.


Sometimes you don’t know what you’re looking for until you see it. Lawn mowers are not an everyday purchase. We want to make sure that when you see the perfect lawnmower, it’s not someone else’s!

Whether you prefer traipsing around lawn mower stores or trawling the net, we reckon a little market intelligence never hurts. This post will provide you with an overview of six of the most popular lawn mower brands in Australia.

Winter is upon us. Yet, the cooler months shouldn’t mean it’s time to forget the garden.While there is plenty to reap from the winter garden, it is also a time to sow the seeds for a great spring and summer. Here are a few tips for inspiration and motivation through the colder, wetter months.

Don’t let limited space limit your gardening possibilities. In fact, small space can be just the inspiration you need to try out some creative, and beautiful gardening ideas.

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If you want to get to know someone, check out their front garden. Seriously! For better or worse, a front garden can say a lot about the family living in the house behind it. It’s more than just a few flowers for pedestrians to muse over on the way down the street. The front garden is even more than just the most visible feature of your home. It can tell a guest how they can expect to be treated; is it warm and welcoming, or barren and pretty much munted?

If you live in Perth, you’re no stranger to sunshine and probably try to get outside as often as you can. But the great outdoors isn’t so great if you have to stare at those rough edges around your home every day. So here are a few simple (and mostly free) ways you can give lawn and garden edges a creative makeover.

If you’re like most Aussies, you love your yard and want to keep it looking great throughout the year. However, there is more to caring for your lawn than simply setting your sprinklers on a timer and mowing once a week. What needs to be done changes with each season, so you need to stay on top of it to keep your lawn looking its best. Here’s what you need to do:

Western Australia has an exceptionally dry climate, making water management a primary factor in landscape design. Fortunately, the region boasts a large range of unique, visually appealing native plants that are very easy to grow. These days, garden trends favour more compact and shade tolerant varieties, since modern Perth gardens are typically smaller.

Family Owned and Run – Our Business Strength

Beacon Equipment is proud to be a West Australian family owned and run business. Our story began in 1992 when Michael and Jan Beacon bought Mowfix Mower and Chainsaw Centre in Canning Vale. Our passion has always been outdoor equipment from stocking the latest chainsaws to ride-on mowers, generators, pressure cleaners and of course lawn mowers in Perth. Over the following 17 years after purchasing the outdoor power equipment company, the expert Mowfix team earned prestigious recognition of being a nationally recognized John Deere and Stihl dealer of the year in Perth. We pride ourselves on our extensive range of products we carry, backed by our fully qualified sales and service team. In 2011 we changed our name to Beacon Equipment as you know us today. We felt this name change would better encompass who we are as a company as our range of products has grown from your everyday lawn and backyard equipment to commercial and industrial power equipment. In 2012 we established the Perth Stihl Shop in Cockburn Central to increase our range as a Stihl specialist in Western Australia & make our services and products more accessible and convenient to our customers. Our Canning Vale and Cockburn Central outdoor power equipment stores are currently run by father and son team, Michael & Andrew Beacon and we can’t wait to share our family business with you! Come on down to one of our stores today.


Stihl & John Deere – Nationally Recognised

Beacon Equipment outdoor power tool specialists are a nationally recognized Stihl and John Deere dealer in Perth, Western Australia. We stock the best range of products in the state and have a fully qualified team of mechanics ready to assist you for any service or repair needs. With a large number of John Deere products in our Perth stores, our team can help you choose the best John Deere mower or grounds care equipment for your needs including a great range of the revolutionary John Deere Gators for sale.


2 Huge well located showrooms – Extensive range of products

At Beacon Equipment we place importance on not only providing you the best products in the industry but an extensive range to choose from in a showroom not full of clutter. Our showrooms are modern and spacious to give you the ultimate shopping experience, whether you’re looking for a mower or chainsaw in Perth We have 2 outdoor power equipment stores in Perth. Our dedicated Perth Stihl Shop is located in Cockburn Central and you’ll find all our other products in our Canning Vale store. Come on down and have a browse, chat to our friendly team and make sure you have the right tools for your backyard.


Fully Qualified Technicians –Trained in the biggest brands

Ensuring your outdoor equipment is running to the best of its ability is our top priority. Our service and repair team work out of a fully equipped service workshop to make sure your equipment will get up and running as soon as possible. Our fully qualified mechanics are backed by the largest brands in the industry like John Deere, Stihl and Honda. We place importance on our staff and making sure they’re 100% help to you. However we also like to encourage eager new mechanics so we offer an internal apprenticeship program through Beacon Equipment. Our technicians are ready to go the extra mile for you and can help arrange pick-up and delivery of your outdoor equipment as well as repairing or servicing your outdoor and lawn equipment on site. See our full list of available equipment repairs and servicing here.