2017 Perth Backyard Design & Landscaping Ideas

Western Australia has an exceptionally dry climate, making water management a primary factor in landscape design. Fortunately, the region boasts a large range of unique, visually appealing native plants that are very easy to grow. These days, garden trends favour more compact and shade tolerant varieties, since modern Perth gardens are typically smaller.

2017 Latest Perth Garden Features:

  • Clean, simple, bold lines
  • Sharp colour contrasts
  • Mass plantings of single colour, shape and/or texture
  • Feature plants for dramatic effect
  • Restraint— less is more!

Must Have Heat Resistant Plants

These native heat resistant plants not only create a visually appealing garden but will well and truly stand up to the harshly hot Perth climate!

  1. Barrel Cactus: This dome shaped plant with artistically placed thorns and gorgeous bright yellow small flowers when in bloom is a popular Perth garden choice.
  2. Silky Cassia: Not only is this heat resistant evergreen shrub boasting stunning yellow flowers, as a fast grower, it can reach heights of up to 1.8 meters, making it a great choice for all year maintenance free greenery!
  3. Spotted Emu Bush: With slender green leaves and bright red tubular flowers, this fabulous shrub is another great choice for Perth gardens!

Focus on Garden Pathways:

Why not experiment with ways to add focus to your pathways. Some latest trending Perth garden path ideas include large pavers with pebbles for a crisp, clean look, natural stone options and timber. Of course the winding stone and gravel pathway always works well, reflecting an informal, low maintenance yard.

Sustainable Landscaping:

Modern Perth garden design trends heavily focus on sustainability; especially since the natural environment is typically dry with hot summers, making water management a high priority. Sustainable landscape design takes environmental impact a step further by ensuring that materials and resources used are biodegradable and eco-friendly. The concept also utilises non-degradable materials into the design by re-purposing discarded items into artwork, outdoor furnishings and ornamental fixtures.

Trending Landscaping Garden Styles for Perth Homes

Balinese Style Garden:
The Perth twist on the Bali style garden incorporates native style fauna with the tropical Bali hut feel inviting relaxation, shade and social engagement. Timber structures include privacy screens, pavilions, pergolas, decking and daybeds with the focus on casual dining and entertainment.

Japanese Inspired Gardens:
The Native Japanese and Zen Garden design with the primary focus on simplicity is very popular, cost effective and particularly well suited to the WA real-estate scene and Perth lifestyle.
Japanese inspired garden designs transfer the larger natural landscape elements to a contained living space like a villa, townhouse or small home. An eclectic mix of natural materials including gravel, larger rocks and stones are carefully placed to represent river beds or lakes since water elements are important in Japanese garden design. Native clipped plants, bridges, pathways, lanterns and various energetic ornaments invite and promote harmony and tranquillity. The Zen garden design is more focused on intimate areas for contemplation and meditation but both styles create a stunningly beautiful garden with a peaceful ambience.

Vertical Gardens:
Don’t have enough space? Grow it vertically! Not only is a vertical garden aesthetically pleasing but the feel of living greenery; especially when combined with a soft trickle of water creates a soothing and cooler atmosphere which is a perfect contrast to the hot and arid Perth summer climate. Carefully chosen plants with a contrast in design, texture and hues create stunning swathes of living colour. Overall benefits include better air quality, absorption of odours, noise suppression, a cooler environment and a peaceful ambience.

White Beach Sand Gardens:
With Perth having gorgeous beaches, it makes good sense that a hot landscaping trend is to incorporate white beach sand into your garden landscape design! Local coastal native plants which are well adapted to growing in sand will thrive in your own backyard beach-environment and keep you on permanent vacation mode right at home!

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