5 Signs Your Lawn Mower Should Retire

Have you ever found yourself ready to mow your lawn, only to realise that no matter how hard you try, your lawn mower simply won’t start? It happens all the time — especially if it’s a model that you’ve been using for years. After all, your lawn mower has served you all this time, trimming the grass and helping you make your lawn look nothing short of spectacular. Unfortunately, your lawn mower won’t work forever. The thought of replacing it with a new model may sound scary, but there comes a point when finding a new mower is your only option. Here are 5 reasons why your trusty lawn mower needs to be put into retirement.

1. Your Mower No Longer Mows Your Lawn As It’s Supposed To

Why are you using your lawn mower? That’s right – to mow your lawn. As with any appliance, the performance of your lawn mower will start to gradually deprecate to the point that repairs will no longer suffice. While the cutting blade can be sharpened without a replacement, the engine can’t – and once it stops working, you’re better off without it.

Unfortunately sometimes it’s past the point of no return and no repair will get it back to its initial performance. They can replace the engine, but that’s going to cost you on average $300, whereas prices of new lawn mowers range from $400 upwards.

John Deere X300 / 42" Deck Ride On Mower2. You’re Constantly Repairing Your Lawnmower

If you’ve been using your lawn mower for longer than five years, repairing it won’t help you get it back to work like it did when you first used it. Are you constantly spending money on repairs only to have the lawn mower continually perform poorly? Then it’s probably the right time to stop letting your money go to waste and invest in a new model.

Sometimes a mower is like an old car — you can only put so much money into repairs before you realise it’s time for a full replacement.

Mow Master E-Series Edgers3. It Takes You Hours to Mow Your Lawn

As great as your old lawn mower might have been, if it takes you hours to mow your lawn, then it certainly needs to retire. An old lawn mower is more likely to lose power in the middle of mowing. Additionally, if you need to constantly clean the air filter, then you’re wasting precious time.

Moreover, your old lawn mower hasn’t probably been manufactured to be efficient or speedy, and hence you’ll have to go over the same areas a second time before the grass is evenly trimmed. This extra step will obviously take you even more time! And it’s something you can avoid altogether with a better performing, newer model.

With a new lawn mower, you can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Masport Lawn Marshall4. You Can’t Find The Right Mower Replacement Parts

Let’s face it – new lawn mowers are being manufactured yearly, and since most models come with a variety of features (plus the time and convenience factors), they’re every homeowner’s dream. As such, manufacturers have probably stopped making replacement parts for older lawn mowers.

While you may be able to get certain lawn mower spare parts from places like us here at Beacon Equipment in Perth, you won’t find what you need to get your old trusty mower to work if it’s a proprietary model. At this point, buying a new model is probably the best option. Don’t be scared – the Beacon team will make it as enjoyable as possible for you.

5. Your Mower Makes Too Much Noise

Old electrical lawn mowers tend to be particularly noisy. They can scare off your cat, annoy your neighbours, and even get you in trouble if someone decides to make a complaint against you. Believe it or not, this actually happens pretty frequently (especially in the States!).

If the noise level is high, consider replacing your lawn mower with a new one. Most models these days provide a quieter operation — a big plus to keeping down the number of complaints from neighbours.

Sometimes you just know when it’s time to let go. Let your old lawnmower relax in peace at the dump and come see the team at Beacon to help you find that shiny new model today.