Smart Backyard Hacks for Non-Gardeners

The start of the warmer weather gives us the chance to take advantage of the Perth sun by getting out into the garden. We’ve all been waiting for this to carry out the plans for our backyard that were hatched during the colder months. What to plant, where to dig, where to put the flower or vegetable beds.

Gardening is more than just a great pastime and a way to get a little exercise, it helps you relax and unwind. Indeed, studies have shown that the link between gardening and improved mental and physical well-being is true, something keen gardeners have known for generations! You’ll have no trouble getting back into the swing of tending the garden after the winter break if you are an experienced gardener. But what if you’re not a natural green thumb? What if you’re completely new to the Great Outdoors Challenge that your backyard represents?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’ve listed some great hacks for the gardening challenged.

Planting your own flower and veggie seeds

If you have no luck growing flowers and veggies — and spend a massive amount of money each spring on plants — try growing your own seeds. A packet of seed, planted inside on seed trays while the weather’s still cool, can be planted out into garden beds with the warm weather. Cheaper and great fun!

Plan ahead

Have a well thought through plan rather than just planting flowers and plants at random intervals in the garden. This includes finding out whether or not the plant is suitable in our climate. Check the ticket or online to see if the flowers or plants are drought resistant, whether they like shade or full sun (or even salty winds if you live near the sea).

Drip irrigation

Lack of water is always one of the key reasons why gardens fail here in the West. With water restrictions in place it can be hard for even the most experienced gardener to get enough water to plants, flowers and vegetables to keep them growing. So why not try simple drip irrigation? This will reduce the amount of water lost through evaporation and run-off and get the water to where it is needed: down in the plant’s root systems. It needn’t be expensive, recycled tyres with small holes are often used for this purpose.

Mulch, mulch, mulch!

The gardener’s friend. Not only does it help retain water and nutrients, it also keeps roots cool during our hot summer months and promotes beneficial biomass such as earthworms. Mulch will also help prevent soil erosion. Use sugar cane mulch or hay for best results as these contain rich nutrients that break down into the soil.

Learn from the experts

There are a number of excellent gardening shows on television nowadays. Also, if you’ve got a neighbour, friend or family member with a bit of gardening nous, don’t be afraid to ask their advice, particularly if they live locally and have an intimate knowledge of local weather patterns. Gardeners are a fount of wisdom, luckily they also love to chat, share stories and teach! Books, radio shows, online forums and even social media are all great for learning (and even to steal some fantastic backyard design ideas!)

Consider container gardening

Have you thought about growing plants, flowers and veggies in pots? Not only does this keep your growing ventures nicely contained but you can also move them around if they fail to thrive.

Use only quality garden products

Make sure you buy the best lawn and garden tools. From lawn mowers to edger’s, keeping your garden trim and looking good is made easy when you use quality equipment.

Following this advice won’t make you a super gardener overnight, however it will give you the edge as you venture outside to tackle the backyard. Try out a few of these gardening hacks and you’ll soon find gardening simple, relaxing and fun. Like to hear more? Contact us for more information.