5 Unique Gifts for Manly Men in Perth

The “Manly Man” concept is something most of us know about. Sure, it’s definitely a stereotype to some effect. However, you also probably have someone in your life who fits the bill of the manly man in their own personality.

If you know one of these “manly men,” one of the biggest challenges may be birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. What types of gifts can you buy him? What will the manly man in your life enjoy and appreciate? The answer to this question might have you deliberating for hours, as you search the stores or surf the internet.

While it might be a challenge, don’t worry! It’s not impossible to make your man happy with a thoughtful gift that reflects who he is. Below, have a look at 5 excellent ideas for gifts that your manly man will enjoy right here in Perth.

1. A Food & Drink Gift Hamper

The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So it makes sense that the best types of gifts are often in this form. You could gift your manly man a custom food and drink gift hamper that reflects what he likes. From caffeine-centric coffee hampers to a hot sauce-themed collection, there’s definitely a gift set that will work for him.

2. A Race Car Driving Experience!

This amazing gift idea puts him in the driver’s seat of a race car experience – literally! This event provides the opportunity to drive 6 laps at the Barbagallo Raceway in Perth. He’ll get the training and instruction he needs at the beginning. From there, he’ll feel the need for speed with an unforgettable experience in a V8 race car.

3. A Food Challenge Tour

Tune into the competitive side of your manly man while filling his stomach with a food challenge tour. There are all sorts of eating challenges in restaurants throughout Perth, including the following:

  • Hippo Creek: Steak Challenge
  • Antonio’s Pizza: Giant Pizza Challenge
  • Johnny’s Burger Joint: Burgerzilla Challenge
  • The Hive Café and Restaurant: Five Continents Meat Platter Challenge

You can plan a several day tour that indulges his foodie side, whilst also enjoying the culinary variety here in Perth.

4. A Brewery Tour (Guided or Self-Planned)

Forget a winery tour – why not enjoy a hearty fill of malty and hoppy goodness with a brewery tour in the Swan Valley? This area is rich with all sorts of award-winning breweries offering both custom-made beers and delicious foods.

There are plenty of prearranged brewery tours that handle all the logistics for you (including driving). You could also plan your own custom brewpub tour and orient visits to your man’s favourites.

5. A New Ride on Mower or Other Backyard Equipment

What better way to say “manly man” than with a new, high-quality piece of yard equipment like a ride on mower? Homeowners take pride in the beauty of their yards. By gifting a new mower or other piece of hardware or equipment, you can increase his enjoyment and pride even more.

Here are a few backyard gift ideas:

You can give the man in your life a newer and better mower, or another piece of yard equipment you suspect he’s been thinking about. Even better, you’ll have a great looking yard thanks to all his hard work with the new equipment. Shop now >>