6 Outdoor Tools You’ll Need for the Perth Spring

The weather is warming, thank goodness! Is it just us is the Perth winter getting colder every year? Spring is here – so that can only mean one thing. Time to dust off those gardening gloves and get back outside!Spring is a great season to take stock of what tools and supplies you might need for taking care of your garden or other outdoor living space. As the weather turns warmer, you’re likely to be spending a lot more time outdoors, so it’s important to make sure you have the right tools for the job if you want your garden to be BBQ ready for summer. That’s why we’ve listed our top six must-have outdoor tools you’ll need this spring. Check out the list below, along with our own top picks for each category.

A Good Garden Mower

A good quality, reliable garden mower is a must-have piece of equipment in any gardener’s arsenal. But one thing (and perhaps the most important thing) to consider before you head out and purchase a new mower is the size and type of lawn you have. You want the right tool to do the right job – so your mower needs to be suitable for its primary use.

So for example, if you have a large lawn, consider a ride-on mower. Or if a walk-behind push mower is all you need, check out our list of regular lawn mowers to suit all requirements (and budgets).

Our top pick: Honda HRR216PKU Rotary Lawnmower

Outdoor Vacuums

Cleaning up your patio or yard can be a bit of a daunting task, particularly if you have a lot of outdoor space – and even more so if you have a lot of large trees dropping their leaves. This is why an outdoor vacuum is a crucial tool for your garden, helping you to keep a neat and tidy outdoor space that’s pleasant to relax in.

While using a rake to clear leaves and debris can be time consuming, outdoor vacuums take the hard work out of cleaning your garden. No more back-breaking work raking up leaves (not to mention piling them up and then disposing of them). An outdoor vacuum clears and collects debris all in one!

Our top pick: Billy Goat LB 352 Outdoor Vacuum

Lawn Edgers

Lawn edgers are an invaluable tool to have this spring for anyone who wants to keep their edges neat, crisp and tidy. They are great for combatting creeping grass or any unruly plants that start to overgrow boarders and curbing.

What’s more, lawn edgers are great for covering large areas quickly and easily with far better precision than using a weed whacker or other method of trimming.

Our top pick: Mow Master E Series

Pressure Washers

No self-respecting gardener’s toolbox would be complete without a decent pressure washer. After all, it takes the hard work out of a whole host of cleaning tasks by simply blasting an object or surface with a jet of water, effectively removing any layers of dirt and grime.

Pressure washers are a must-have because of this versatility. They’re great for washing the car, cleaning windows and other hard to reach places, and are perfect for blasting away the grime that can accumulate on driveways and patios. What’s more – pressure washers also commonly use less water than hose pipes, great news for Western Australians coping with water restrictions!

Our top pick: Stihl RE 119 Pressure Cleaner

Whipper Snippers

Last, but most certainly not least in our top six outdoor tools for spring is the humble whipper snipper.

Whipper snippers are great due to their versatility – making easy work of horizontal cutting along fences and walls, as well as trimming lawns and verges. They can also tackle reasonably sized areas of lawn, as well as cut wild patches of long, unruly wild grass down to size.

Our top pick: Honda UMK425 Loop Handle Brushcutter