How to Stop Pets from Damaging Lawns and Gardens

Whether it’s the kids’ guinea pigs eating that patch of lawn until it’s bare, or the dog’s urine killing the grass, we understand your frustration when your pets damage your beloved backyard. You want an outside area where you can sit back and relax, with something cold to drink in your hand, without having to break your back repairing damage. Is that really too much to ask? Take a look at our tips on how to stop pets from causing outdoor damage without having to spend a fortune or go to a whole lot of trouble.

Dog Digging in Garden - How to Stop Pets Ruining Your Lawn

Image via Eselsmann™

Lawn Burn from the Dog

Dogs are carnivores. Nitrogen in their kidneys, as a result of all that protein from the meat they eat, comes out in their urine in high concentrations. The result? Burnt, brown, dry patches in what should be luscious, green grass. The more your dog uses your lawn in this way (and the bigger your dog), the worse it is. Whether your dog is male or female makes no difference; it’s just that male dogs pass smaller amounts and tend to raise their leg in various spots around the yard.

You can help by feeding your dog a good brand of dog food. In general, a premium dog food will contain a better quality of protein that your dog’s body can use up. Then, make sure you give him lots of exercise to burn that protein up.

Special dog rocks, which you place in his/her drinking water, filter out impurities that would otherwise be passed out in their urine. This really helps to neutralise the urine and stop it from burning patches in your grass. Be sure to choose a natural product that won’t change the pH of his urine. Also, be very wary of changing his diet; the last thing you want is vet’s bills and a poorly hound.

Bad Smells and a Dirty Patio

If your dog does have to toilet on the lawn, try to clean up after him as soon as possible. Keep a watering can or hose nearby and encourage everyone to sprinkle water on the lawn after he has done his business. Maybe you could bribe older kids with a little pocket money to water down areas when the dog toilets. The quicker you rinse it away, the better.

Use a pressure washer to keep patio areas nice and fresh and to stop nasty odours building up. You can buy cleaning products to neutralise questionable aromas, specifically for decking or patios. Your outdoor area can be back to smelling its best, ready for when you want to relax out there after a hard day (or night).

Digging Holes and Destroying Plants

Of course, the best way to stop your beloved pet dog from ruining the garden is to stop him from going up there in the first place. Take him for lots of walks instead, or fence off an area where he is not allowed to go. Fencing off your lawn will also stop him from digging holes, walking over the flowers, eating the plants, and generally wrecking and chewing things.

Cats Fouling in Your Garden

If you find you have a cat that favours your garden over others, don’t worry, there are many solutions to keep him away. Certain herbs and spices deter cats. Also, you can buy non-toxic pellets and ultrasonic sound devices, and water sprayers that emit a light blast of water when they detect movement. Most cats hate water and won’t come back any time soon!

Guinea Pigs and Rabbits

Last but not least, let’s end on a positive note. Did you know guinea pigs can make great little lawnmowers? With a bit of wood, some wire mesh, and some tools from the shed, you could make a nice little guinea pig run. As long as they have fresh drinking water, and they are protected from the elements and any predators, you can leave them out there to nibble the grass to their heart’s content. Just remember to move the run to different parts of the lawn – or you will end up with a bare patch of lawn – and some very hungry guinea pigs!

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