8 Uses for a Pressure Washer around the House

A pressure washer isn’t just ‘another tool’ for the collection, it’s one of the most versatile and useful household items. An essential part of any bloke’s shed, pressure washers can make day-to-day life much easier – especially in summer when pollen builds up on your home’s exterior and the greasy film from air pollution seems to cover everything in sight.

Pressure Cleaners by Beacon Equipment PerthHigh pressure cleaners are a godsend when it comes to making those dreaded cleaning tasks much easier and time efficient. And whilst another trip to the local hardware and tool shop probably won’t go down too well with your other half, justifying the spend for a pressure washer is definitely seen as an investment. And a damn good one at that! A decent high pressure cleaner will come in handy for a variety of different tasks and surfaces. If you’re looking for some assistance with those chores, here’s a few uses for a pressure washer around the home you’ll both get a kick out of.

1. Garage Door and Fence Cleaning

A build-up of dust and grime can be notorious for changing the colour of your garage door and fence when it hasn’t been cleaned for some time. And who really has the time and patience to go and scrub the entire area anyway? The pressure washer is a convenient way to clean both your garage door and fence, effectively removing the dirt, dust and grime without having to use any elbow grease.

Depending on where you live, aim to pressure clean the fence and garage door twice a year. It’ll make a huge difference to the kerb appeal of your home and keep the exterior looking clean, bright and fresh.  Look for a high quality pressure washer that has a soap dispenser attached. This way you can pour in the washer, rotate the nozzle to the correct setting and the soap solution will come out. By rotating the nozzle you‘ll be able to use the pressure cleaner to wash the soap suds off.

2. Pressure Washing Patio Pavers

Patio pavers is another time consuming cleaning task which can be made much easier with water pressure cleaners. Both your deck and patio pavers tend to get dirty pretty quickly, especially when you are an outdoor entertaining enthusiast.

Use a high pressure washer to clean your driveway, patio pavers and deck area – you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make and how easy it is to do. Both your driveway and patio pavers can build up more grime than you can imagine so a quick pressure wash from time to time will make it look almost brand new again. Be sure to seal your patio pavers after a clean for a longer lasting effect and opt for a gas power pressure washer for the driveway for best results.

3. Getting Rid of Wasp Nests and Spider Webs

There’s nothing as frustrating as the Mrs running into the house complaining about spider webs you know she’s not going to touch with a ten foot pole. One of the best uses for a pressure cleaner is for getting rid of those nasty wasp nests or ‘huge’ spider webs. Better yet, you’ll be able to ask her to tackle them herself because it’s that easy!

Pressure washers aren’t just ideal for cleaning. Their power can be used to knock down unwanted webs and is definitely a more preferred method of getting rid of them than using sticks or tools to try bash it down. High pressure cleaners

4. Outdoor Furniture and Grill

If you have the pressure washer out for the deck and patio pavers, then it makes complete sense to clean your outdoor furniture and grill too. Whilst you want to only use the cleaner on furniture that is waterproof and won’t mind the pressure of its power, they’ll get the dirt, dust and grime of outdoor equipment with ease. Electric washers are ideal for outdoor furniture and grills but look for one that is compact in size, lightweight and a flexible high-pressure hose to get into all the parts.

5. High Pressure Clean Your Car

High pressure washers are also perfect for your car, boat, motorbike or boat. Because your car and boat are no doubt prized possessions, you want to stay away from using any super powerful settings or you’ll blast the paint right off and no one will be happy with that result!

Use a cleaner with the soap section and fill it up with a specialised solution formulated to wash cars. Gas engines are best and opt for one that has a variety of spray tips and a pro-style steel spray wand for quick connect coupling.

6. Lawn and Garden Equipment

Need a new tool to clean your other tools? Of course you do! After all, your other tools were investments too right? High pressure cleaners are perfect for keeping the rest of your garden and house equipment clean too. From the lawn mower which let’s face it, deserves a bath every once in a while like your car, to trimmers and other lawn and garden tools.

Using a high powered washer underneath your lawn mower can boost its efficiency too. A good clean with the washer will get all the grass clippings and leaves that get stuck and make the mowing job that much harder. You’ll want a compact electric cleaner for the job with a flexible pressure hose. Here’s a few other essential pressure cleaning considerations to check out when making the purchase.

7. Wheelie Bin Clean

It’s an item you don’t really think to clean too much and when you do get around to it, it’s not something you really want to get the scrubbing brush out for. Using a high pressure cleaner for a wheelie bin clean makes the job much more bearable and will get all the gunk off it much more effectively.

8. Preparation for Painting, Plastering and Brick Laying

Most high pressure machines aren’t just designed to tackle the rigorous cleaning jobs, but to also prep for painting, plastering and brick laying work. A lot of tradesmen will have a high quality pressure cleaner for the job that’s easy to move around and super hardy. You can also use it to clean up the mess after a job too. Look for a washer with an aluminium or brass head to handle the highest of pressures, a heavy duty frame and large wheels for easy transport, premium overhead valve engine and a variety of spray tips for the job.

Presser washers are one of the handiest tools a homeowner can purchase. From cleaning the driveway and patio pavers, to the dog kennel, garden tools and car you’ll have a great piece of all-purpose cleaning equipment at your disposal for years to come.

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