How (and Why) to Buy a Fire Fighting Pump

Fire fighting pumps are a real necessity for Perth homes, particularly when summer rolls around. It is quite simply a pump that will supply water at a quicker rate than you could hope to draw by hand, making it very useful for tasks like fighting fires or even filling up a swimming pool. You can even leave it on to do the job by itself if you have it set up in the right position. There are a variety of types of pumps as well as rates of function – you can measure them by looking at their discharge capacity.

Honda WX15 Fire Pump - Beacon Equipment PerthThe Types of Pump

It is not just as simple as buying any old water pump – there are a few different kinds that you can try in order to get the most effective fire fighting device. Generally speaking, it’s all down to the way it works. You can get pumps powered in one of four different ways. There are diesel and petrol pumps, both of which use fuel to power them. Then there are electric pumps, which plug in to the mains in order to work. You can also get a hydraulic pump, which is a more serious piece of equipment. Finally, there are mine spec pumps, which are used for mining.

Honda WB30XT Fire Pump - Beacon Equipment PerthHow to Choose Between Them

First, let’s narrow the field by saying that you almost certainly do not need a mine spec or hydraulic pump for normal use. If you are in the construction or mining sector then you may consider it, but for a normal home, the three other methods are more suitable. If you are looking to go the most cost-effective route, you may want to think about a petrol pump. This is also a good option because you can visually see how much you are putting into it – no nasty shocks when the electric bill comes through!

Other Uses

There are of course other ways in which you can use these water pumps than for fire fighting. We’re not talking about showing off how strong your pump is to your neighbour, either! You can fill up the backyard pool with clean water or use it to spread water on agricultural areas, or even drain a flooded area. It really looks after itself – if you refuse to read the instructions and manage to flood the pool area, you can just pump it all out again afterwards…

Honda WX10 Fire Pump - Beacon Equipment PerthWhen to Get Your Pump

The best time to get your fire fighting pump is when we are just getting into the prime bushfire season. This is a great way to protect your property as you never know when a fire could strike. Having it on hand and ready to go will potentially save your home. If you miss the start of the season it is never too late to get your pump installed – until the moment when your home goes up in flames. Don’t risk it. Water pumps are useful all year round and there is no reason to delay once you realise that you need one.

Fire fighting pumps are just about a necessity in Western Australia. Areas like Perth can be really susceptible to bushfires and that means widespread damage. Even if the fire is only a localised and small one, it can still do considerable damage that could otherwise be avoided. You may, of course, hope that you never have to use your water pump to fight a fire. But wouldn’t you rather have it on hand just in case, than lose your home because you didn’t have one?

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