John Deere 1 Series: A Compact Tractor for the Full Ride Experience

Sure, riding mowers are fine…for mowing, that is. Or maybe if you want to pull a cute little wagon with it. But when you really need to get some work done on your property, you soon may find out how inadequate a riding mower really is for your needs.

John Deere 1023E Sub Compact Tractor - Beacon Equipment PerthThat’s where the John Deere Series 1 family of sub compact tractors comes in.

The Series 1 from John Deere offers a whole list of innovations you won’t find in the competition, all with common-sense design and the quality you’ve come to expect from John Deere products.

Full-Featured for Everything You Need

Features for the John Deere 1 Series include all the following:

  • Standard four-wheel-drive and power steering
  • 22-horsepower or 23.9 horsepower three-cylinder 4-compliant Final Tier diesel engine
  • Dependable and easy-to-operate two-speed hydrostatic transmission
  • Comfortable Twin Touch® pedal controls
  • Tilt steering wheel
  • Easy-access toolbox
  • Longest wheelbase and widest stance in its class, for stability and safety on uneven terrain
  • Standard 12-volt power point for charging your gadgets
  • Position Control Hitch, enabling you to place your implements at the same position every time
  • Sealed-beam headlights are standard equipment, with optional lights mounted on the roll bar
  • Safety roll bar also folds, making it easy to get your Deere into the shed at end of day

Easy-Access Engine with All the Best Perks

Need to get to the engine? Check out the easy-lift hood, supported by gas struts. Just flip a latch and the hood raises, giving you complete, easy access to the engine compartment. Got some work coming up that’s likely to take hours? Cruise control is standard equipment, as is a comfortable deluxe suspension seat with moveable armrests and excellent lumbar support.

John Deere Comfort & Style

You’ll also notice how easy it is to step on and off the Deere, with a step-through platform and fender-mounted handrails, as well as thick rubber floor mats to insulate against noise and vibration.

Implements for the Working Bloke

When it comes to getting some real work done, the John Deere Series 1 subcompacts have got you covered with a wide array of implements and attachments:

  • Backhoe for trench and backfill work, with a full 150-degree range of rotation
  • Manure spreader with corrosion-resistant galvanized steel construction (for those really ‘crappy’ jobs)
  • Pallet forks with floating tines, making it easy to move heavy pallets, boxes or crates
  • Front-end loader makes short work of the biggest piles of dirt, gravel or anything else
  • Stamped-steel Auto Connect mower deck that’s as easy to install as driving over it with the tractor (yes, seriously), then listening for two clicks as the deck engages. You don’t even have to leave your seat!
  • Heavy-duty tiller attachment works on the hardest packed soil
  • Snow blowers, front blades, rear blades and even rotary brooms clear the way in winter months

John Deere: Quality from Start-to-Finish

When you get a John Deere, you’re buying into 175 years of quality products. Deere has been making products for farmers, ranchers and industry since 1837, and kept with the times through innovation, integrity and commitment to excellence. Combines, balers, planters/seeders, sprayers, silage machines and all sorts of specialty agriculture equipment have all been developed and engineered by Deere for years of dependable service.

Sooo, yeah. Riding mowers are fine if all you want to do is mow and pull a little wagon. Same goes for a lot of the junior-model lawn tractors on the market. But if you’ve got some real work to do, whether it’s landscaping, gardening, trenching or earthmoving, there’s no substitute for a real subcompact tractor…and that’s what you get with a John Deere 1 Series.

It’s a tractor you’ll hang onto for years of dependable, tough service – and it doesn’t hurt to know that it’s comfortable enough that you won’t even want to get off of it when the work’s done! You tried the rest – now it’s time for the best…the John Deere 1 Series.

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