Man Tools for a Man Shed

A man’s shed needs a good selection of man tools (right next to the fridge that holds the beer). Tools that you can use to do man stuff and take on projects other than your trusty lawn mower and chainsaw that is. Because nothing’s worse than trying to get a project done with the wrong tools for the job. Here’s a good rundown of some indispensable tools for your/his man shed.

Cordless drill

Every generation of cordless drill gets a little better – more torque, better battery life, lighter and with a better chuck design for ease of changing bits or attachments. A mid-priced cordless drill is an investment that can last you a long, long time; it may not quite be professional grade, but a mid-priced model is more than sufficient for household jobs. A 12V drill with lithium-ion battery is OK, but an 18V model can really do the job (although they’re usually a little more bulky). Drills are the single most popular power tool of all, and for good reason.

Circular saw

Circular saws are a close second in popularity to the drill. A good circular saw is a must for any carpentry project, ripping through sheets of plywood or 2 x 4s with ease. Cordless models are available, but a hard-wired saw is a better choice.

Impact wrench

If you’re the type of guy who wrenches on cars, a good impact wrench with a compressor and sockets is a real boon. Especially for the bigger jobs, having air tools can save a whole lot of time when it comes to breaking loose stubborn bolts and nuts. Just be sure to invest in sockets and extensions that are rated for the torque that air tools can deliver. Remember, all that time you save means more time for the cold beers in your man-shed fridge later!


Guys love this one. The Sawzall reciprocating saw is noisy, vibrates a lot and is great for rough cuts on all sorts of materials. While its blade is only about four inches long, it’s a great all-around tool for tearing things apart, especially things that you hate. Destroy!!


Save yourself a whole lot of sweat and elbow grease, especially if there’s a thick layer or a lot of material you want to remove. Get a Mouse-style palm sander for fine detail work, an orbital sander for flooring and a circular sander, which can double as…

Angle Grinder

A good angle grinder can be used for sanding or can be mounted with a hardened disc for heavier work, like getting rid of nail heads or screws or bolts that you’d like to see gone. Destroy!

Now, for the non-power tools…


Oh, the lowly shovel doesn’t get much respect, but good luck trying to do a job that requires a shovel when you don’t have one around. Pro Tip: keep the tip of the shovel sharp, it’ll make every job easier. Also, go for a fiberglass handle. Wooden handles are prone to breaking when you’re trying to pry something loose or dislodge a stubborn root.


This is the tool with a blunt grub hoe face on one end of the head and a pointed pick at the other. Indispensable for starting holes for planting, especially when you have to bash through some hard, dry, packed dirt to get that hole started. Destroy!


It’s the only way to effectively move large amounts of dirt, manure, wood chips, gravel or any other loose substances, and it requires minimal training to operate. Go for a plastic wheelbarrow, they’re just as sturdy and considerably lighter. Pro Tip: After the jobs over, invite your buddies over and ice down some beers in the wheelbarrow!

So, that’s a good start for a lot of projects you might encounter. Oh, and did we mention beer?

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