Toro Mowers vs. John Deere Mowers – What’s Better?

There’s two major priorities to consider when the Mrs asks you to get the lawns sorted. And let’s face it, she’s been pestering you for weeks now so you want to get this right! But first – the job has to be done properly (or you’ll be in the dog box for the next month) and the second, you want to enjoy it (better yet, you want to LOVE it).

Toro mowers vs. John Deere mowers

If there’s one (other) place a man feels like he’s dominating it’s in the backyard with a mower in hand. It can’t be just any mower either. You want power, practicality, precision and drive. And there has to be a sense of satisfaction that comes with mowing your own lawn too. Mowing the lawn tends to make a lot of blokes rather happy. The lawn doesn’t talk back, they get some downtime and the chore can act like a de-stressor after a tough day. But what mower will really tick all the boxes for you? We weight up two of the most popular brands – Toro and John Deere lawn mowers – to determine what you should be mowing your lawn with.

1. Weighing Up the Engines

Engine muscle is everything when it comes to a strong and reliable mower. And whilst your primary concerns should be how big your lawn area is, how fit you are and how often the grass needs to be cut – engine power is something that definitely needs to be weighed up. Plus, what man doesn’t want a mower with a bit of grunt to it?

Both John Deere and Toro range of mowers utilise the powerful Briggs & Stratton engines, so when it comes to engine power they’re both up there. Briggs & Stratton engines are renowned for powering the highest quality lawn care equipment from push mowers to riding mowers and tractors. Whilst the actual engine power is very much the same between both lines of mowers, John Deere engines are made to specific conditions and meets Environmental Protection Agency air emission standards. Some Toro mowers, like the Personal Pace 20374 for example, have too smaller engines for the mower and don’t provide much power. Both John Deere and Toro engines however, are designed to start without priming.

2. Ease of Use and Practicality

No one really wants to be busting their balls trying to mow the lawn. It’s meant to be a fairly therapeutic job, relaxing even. Whilst engine power is vital, ease of use and practicality follow closely behind. John Deere mowers are renowned for their easy going operations, with simple drive speed adjustments able to be made using a pivoting top handle on most push mowers. The John Deere JS36 in particular was rated number 2 in the best lawn mower reviews in 2015 with Toro following at number 7.

Both brands utilise the pace-adjustment technology which allows the speed of the mower to vary, depending on how fast you’re walking. Although Toro mowers are easy to control with user-friendly designs, John Deere’s bigger and better quality range ensures there’s a mower to fit a variety of needs.

3. Features and Benefits

Consider what features are necessary to boost your mowing experience. Do you need the mower to bag, mulch or discharge the clippings once the job is done? Bagging is best for wet climates and mulching will replenish moisture and nutrients in lacking soils. Both lines of mowers have bagging and mulching features – just avoid mowers with bags positioned on the side as these won’t hold as many clippings as regular models.

Features like electric starts and self-propelling benefits are seen in both lines of mowers, but John Deere takes the stand with fuel stabilizers to keep the gas in the tank fresh. Fresh start fuel tank caps help to drip the fuel stabilizer into the tank, which ensures a quicker start between mowing breaks. On the flip side, whilst Toro mowers don’t have the added benefit, Toro mowers promote an air flow system that allows their mowers to run quieter than other brands.

4. Ride-on Mowers, Because Life’s Too Short to Walk

For larger lawn areas, pure laziness, convenience or the elderly and injured, ride-on mowers are a blessing – if you have a quality one, that is. John Deere is notorious for their exceptional line of riding mowers, despite both major brands having a good range to choose from. Whilst they both produce reliable and smoothly operated ride-on mowers, John Deere is home to much larger selection of sizes and price ranges.

The 100 Series, for example, is a great place to start for quality mowers to suit casual mowing needs and are built to offer users a smooth and reliable mowing experience regardless of your budget. The Select Series X300 gives another range of ride-on mowers than offer more than just your standards; with great headlight features, different gear and steering options and more power. The next ones up Zero-Turn mowers and X700 Signature Series are the top-of-the-range ultimate mowers; with the Zero-Turn ideal for large areas or lawns with numerous twists and the signature range showcasing some of the highest quality ride-on mowers around.

5. Which One Should You Go For?

Whilst your choice of mower should be based on the job at hand, quality, budget and what features are necessary for you, deciding between two big brands can be a tedious decision. A good mower should greatly reduce the time and effort it takes to keep your lawn looking its best. It should be powerful enough for the job, practical and high in quality.

Toro, as a major mower brand offers a range of styles at very competitive prices – ideal for anyone on a tight budget. And despite there being some quality Toro models around, the features and overall mowing capabilities are incomparable to the John Deere range. In comparison, John Deere mowers have been established since 1837 as opposed to Toro in 1914, so they are big in the industry for producing high-quality, reliable mowers for an extended time.

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