PPE for Looking Good & Staying Safe When Using a Chainsaw This Season

Before you get to work cutting up trees, pruning, and harvesting your firewood this season, don’t forget to give your safety equipment a good once-over. By way of reminding you about what you need, the following is a list of the absolute essentials. If you are unsure if your PPE (personal protective equipment) is up to standard, check out the Safe Work Australia website, and do not begin until you are confident that you have all you need to keep yourself safe when using your chainsaw.

Cut-Resistant Chainsaw Boots

Whilst we realise that you may have a grip of steel, it is still advisable to wear protective chainsaw boots to drastically reduce the chance of you decapitating your toes. Steel toecaps and a cut-resistant inlay across the front of the foot will protect your feet. Padding inside and breathable material will help keep you cool and comfortable while you work. Many robust work boots are also waterproof and we strongly recommend you get a pair to keep your precious feet nice and safe.

Some design’s feature non-slip tread for excellent grip, and reflective orange strips to make you more visible in fading light. Chainsaw boots can be made from leather, nubuck. suede, or a rubber wellington boot style with a sole which is suitable for spikes.

Protective Trousers

It might be hot and sunny outside, but don’t even think about donning your shorts when you use your chainsaw! Protective trousers provide certified cut protection and are a must when using any dangerous cutting equipment.

Made from ultra-light, high-tech fibres, they are lightweight and breathable, but will also protect you from the rain and cold. For comfort, they provide much-needed ventilation by way of openings in appropriate places, and comfortable elastic inserts so they fit snug.

Designed with smart pocket solutions for your mobile phone and tape measure, and part of a series of matching workwear, team them up with a jacket and look super coordinated and professional.

Brushcutter trousers are designed with loops for brushcutter harness braces to prevent chafing, and hedge trimmer trousers have loops to accommodate the hedge trimmer storage bag and provide kidney protection.

Gloves, Safety Glasses, and Head/Ear Protection

A sturdy helmet is essential to protect you from flying debris, falling branches, and other impacts while you work. You will also need ear defenders for noise reduction and protection for your face, eyes, and hands. You can choose a helmet with integrated face and ear protection for a seamless fit, or, if you prefer, you can compile your protective equipment individually. Here are just some of the options available:

  • A helmet with ear defenders and visor made from quality nylon mesh.
  • A helmet with a large visor and integrated safety glasses.
  • A helmet with an integrated rain gutter.
  • Eye and ear protection in the form of an adjustable headset.
  • A headband with ear defenders and a large polycarbonate visor and forehead protection.
  • A plastic visor and a box of ear plugs.
  • Face protection on an adjustable head strap with ear defenders.
  • Safety goggles according to whether you wear spectacles or not and want yellow, orange, red, tinted or clear glasses.

Last but not least, you will need cut protection gloves. Choose chainsaw gloves with an elastic cuff to support the wrist and stop bits get inside; you can also choose gloves with long cuffs.

Using power tools often sends sharp stones and filings flying, and you can bet you will end up covered in dirt. Protective equipment is absolutely essential before you begin. With STIHL protective equipment, you can look cool and smart as well as keep your precious body parts protected.

If you’re in the market for an upgrade or new chainsaw, make sure to chat with the Beacon Equipment team at our specialty Stihl Shop in Perth. Or give us a call on (08) 9456 5811 today.