A Cut Above: Getting the Best Chainsaw for Your Money

If you’re serious about outdoor work, then you’re probably well-aware of the importance of chainsaws. These cutting tools are built for big cutting jobs. From garage work to yard work – or even tree cutting – any home with a yard needs a good chainsaw in the equipment pile. If you know you need the power of a chainsaw, how will you know which one is the best for you? Read on to help you develop a plan to find and buy a product that fits all your chainsaw needs.

STEP 1: Identify Your Specific Needs.

Your first order of business is to determine which type of chainsaw will work best for you. There are three primary types of chainsaws to choose from:

1. Pole Saws

These are smaller saws that are attached to a long pole. They’re typically used for smaller tasks like tree trimming where you need a longer reach.

2. Electric Chainsaws

Electric saws are usually more affordable than gas models. However, the price difference usually comes with slightly less available power. You’ll also need a power source and an extension cord for jobs out in the yard. Watch out for the cord while you’re cutting!

3. Gas Chainsaws

Gas chainsaws are the models you typically associate with chainsaws. There are a large number of types, sizes, chain diameters and other options to choose from. Of course, don’t forget to keep the model gassed up for continued performance.

STEP 2: Find the Brand that Works Best for You.

Just like any quality craftsmanship product, no two brands are created equal. Here at Beacon Equipment we pride ourselves on choosing the best quality products for you. Being a nationally recognised Stihl dealer, we stock the widest range of Stihl Chainsaws in Perth.

Stihl is a comprehensive chainsaw company that offers a broad line of consumer and industry-grade models. The products come at a wide range of size, scope and price points to satisfy whatever particular needs you may have. Domestic models are smaller both in size and price. Industrial models are more rugged, typically larger and generally come with a higher cost.

STEP 3: Find a Vendor Focused on Quality (Not Just Price)

Let’s face it – in the current state of internet bargain hunting, price matters. You don’t want to buy from a site if its price is significantly higher than a competitor. After all, it’s your hard-earned money so why wouldn’t you want to find the best deal?

When it comes to heavy duty equipment like a chainsaw, there’s more to the story than just price. Many companies simply want to convince you to buy from them without any further association. That might seem like the best option when you’re still looking for the right chainsaw.

What happens if something goes wrong or if you need service on your new product?

This is why finding the right vendor is so important. If you plan on using your new chainsaw and not just storing it, routine maintenance is essential. And on some occasions, that may also mean getting your chainsaw serviced to get it back to proper working order.

Quality customer service should be among the top concerns when choosing where to buy. This means you’ll want to find a company that’s reliable, well-rated and offering service and repair options beyond the sale.

At Beacon Equipment we have a full team of qualified technicians in our Service and Repair department so we can get your chainsaw up and running to the best of its ability as soon as possible.

On the Road to Your New Chainsaw

No matter what your final choice is, spending a bit of time learning about your options will help you make the best decision. Don’t be afraid to head to your local store and have a hands-on look at some models as well. In the end, you’re the one who will spend the most time with your new chainsaw. Make sure you’re getting the one that best fits your needs and wants.

Good luck and happy buying.

Still unsure of your best chainsaw bet? Our friendly team can help you find the perfect product. Contact us through our website or call our location closest to you: Canning Vale – 08 9456 5811; Bentley – 08 9358 1288 or Cockburn – 08 9414 7377