Zero Turn Mowers in Australia – What You Need to Know

Zero Turn Mowers aren’t new, but they’re certainly increasing in popularity here in Australia. They began as commercial vehicles for large areas of agricultural land, but they’re becoming more and more popular for the smaller business and domestic users. It’s easy to see why – they are powerful, compact, offer a low centre of gravity and despite their solid construction, prices have become more affordable.


Why ‘Zero Turn’?

The advantage of a zero turn mower is the unique way that the ride-on mower can turn. Using two levers, the mower can turn and rotate in a way that was never previously possible with traditional lawn tractors. This ability to turn makes mowing around tight corners simple. It also means that cutting close over a large area of land is much quicker because the rider does not need to drive in large circles to complete the area – a zero turn radius means that the mower can easily spin around and face the other direction – thus saving time and energy.

What to look for in a zero turn mower:

A zero turn mower can be a serious investment – the larger cutting deck, stronger frames and double transmission means that they are usually more expensive than a traditional lawn tractor. But if you’re committed to getting the best results with minimum effort, here are the things to look for in a zero turn mower:

  • Cutting deck – Look for a commercial-grade cutting deck. It’s the cutting deck that will give you the quality close cut that you require. A commercial grade deck should last you a lifetime.
  • Comfort – Everyone is different, so it’s a great idea to sit on the mower before you buy if possible. John Deere zero turn mowers have a great reputation for being a great balance of comfort and power.
  • Power – Look for a mower with at least 23kW of power.
  • Fuel efficiency – Save money (and the planet) by choosing a mower that is fuel efficient.

Why John Deere?

John Deere already has an excellent reputation for the best quality, reliable and powerful agricultural machinery currently available. They’ve been in business since 1837, so they’ve got a great pedigree. Beacon Equipment only supplies John Deere Zero Turn mowers – that’s because we’ve found them to be the best. They’re powerful with a meaty 23.1 kW of power and still smooth and comfortable to use. Each John Deere mower is covered by a comprehensive bumper-to-bumper warranty which guarantees all parts and performance. See more about John Deere mowers on their website.

Using a zero turn mower – Pro-tips

Initially using a zero turn mower can be confusing. There are two levers to control the steering rather than a steering wheel. Once mastered, you’ll find the improved steering on a zero turn to be far superior. To begin, it’s worth riding a wide circle around the perimeter of your lawn. Once you feel comfortable, begin your lawn stripes. At the end of your first stripe, you can easily turn to face the next stripe. For the most efficient turn, first turn slightly towards the direction of the next stripe by pushing forward with your right hand. Reverse the length of the mower in a straight line, and then push forward with your right hand again to face the next stripe.

Zero Turn mowers are not recommended for slopes of more than 10 degrees, so if your land is more hilly, it may be a better idea to look at a lawn tractor instead.

If you’d like any more information about our collection of John Deere zero turn mowers, or would like to try out one of our mowers for yourself, please contact us or call 08 9456 5811.