5 Ways to Convince Your Other Half You Need a John Deere Gator

You need a gator. You really need a gator. You know that, we know that, but does your better half know that? If only there were some way to let them know how important a purchase this could be for your family. Fortunately, there is. In fact, we can think of five excellent ways to convince your spouse that you really, really need a John Deere Gator in your lives…

Explain How The Gator will Give You More Time to Spend Together

“You know that old dead tree you’ve been wanting me to remove from the bottom of the garden?” you ask your better half, one morning over breakfast.

“Hmm, hmm”, comes the disinterested reply.

“Well it’s going to take me a while to shift it by myself, looks like we’re going to have to cancel that holiday. Unless…”

With a top speed of up to 70km/h on some models, and a maximum payload capacity of 635kg on the more heavy-duty versions, the amount of time a John Deere Gator can save you on a big job is one of its major selling points.

Even the 4×2, CX model is capable of carrying loads up to 363kg or towing a trailer weighing 272kg. Pointing this out to your other half is a great way to swing the balance in your favour.

Point Out How The Gator is Really a Couple’s Vehicle

“Look at how romantic it is, even the seats are side-by-side…”

Your spouse doesn’t show it, but you can tell they are a little impressed.

While the John Deere Gator might not be the most suitable vehicle for a romantic drive in the country, its passenger seat really comes in handy for when the job requires more than just a single pair of hands.

What’s more, the sheer brute power of the Gator means it can carry a passenger with only a negligible effect on its payload-carrying capabilities.

Play the Guilt Card

“You love me right?” you ask your spouse.

“You interrupted My Kitchen Rules for this?” is the tense response.

“If you loved me, you’d want me to be safe. And you can’t get much safer than a John Deere Gator.”

John Deere Gators come in 4×2, 4×4 and 6×4 wheel-configurations for added power and stability. This is backed up by a power output that ranges from 8.5hp to a staggering 50hp on the highest-spec models, ensuring that the machine has the necessary muscle to get you out of danger even in the most challenging environments.

Factor in a sturdy plastic and metal-alloy build, chunky tyres and wet-disc brakes and you’ve got yourself a machine that does not compromise on safety.

Drop the John Deere Name

“Remember the iPhone I got you last Christmas?”

Your spouse nods.

“Well, John Deere is like the Apple of agricultural machinery. You just can’t get any better.”

The John Deere brand has long been a mark of quality for tractors, mowers and a wide range of other agricultural equipment. The firm’s Gator models are no exceptions. Several of John Deere’s Gators lead the market in their class in terms of power output, quality of manufacturing and the options available to customers.

To say John Deere is the best there is, is not mere hyperbole, it is fact.

Make the Case for a Gator as an Investment

“Look at it as an investment,” you say, imagining the sun glinting on that shiny, green bodywork.

“Go on then, you can have one,” your other half sighs, “but can we talk about something else?”

The excellent levels of durability and reliability boasted by John Deere’s Gators really do make these machines investments for the future. What’s more, John Deere operates a wide network of global suppliers, making it easy to service your machine or replace a part if necessary.

Take a look at some of the John Deere Gators for sale in Perth today. You might find it hard to resist snapping one up for yourself!