Your Guide to Lawn Mower Brands in Australia

Sometimes you don’t know what you’re looking for until you see it. Lawn mowers are not an everyday purchase. We want to make sure that when you see the perfect lawnmower, it’s not someone else’s!

Whether you prefer traipsing around lawn mower stores or trawling the net, we reckon a little market intelligence never hurts. This post will provide you with an overview of six of the most popular lawn mower brands in Australia.

John Deere

Since 1837, John Deere has built a world-beating brand based on their values of integrity, quality, commitment and innovation. Their ride-on mowers offer serious levels of power and handling coupled with the latest technology. The result is a range of mowers for all types of terrain and the most exacting standards. Prices are what you would expect from a world-leading brand and so is the quality.

We recommend:

The John Deere X739 Signature Series Ride-On Mower has the handling and power for the roughest terrain and toughest jobs and the manoeuvrability for fine detailing.


Check out this year’s Canstarblue league table of lawnmowers and you will find Masport are right at the top of the ladder. Masport has been leaders in the lawn mower business since they began in New Zealand in 1910. Their range includes both rotary and reel mowers. Their price point compares favourably with perennial market leaders Honda.

We recommend:

The Masport President series offers power and value for money. The quality of parts and workmanship from this premium brand will ensure durability.


Over 3000 Aussies are surveyed every year for the Canstarblue league table of lawnmowers. The current champ is Masport but Honda won the flag 3 years running before that. The sheer range of mowers available from Honda means they probably have one that will suit you. Other brands may have more power or innovative features, or lower prices, but remember to ask yourself what you really need. For many Aussies, Honda is the ‘goldilocks’ brand with a mower that’s ‘just right’.

We recommend:

The HRU216M2 Buffalo Classic 21” is a self-propelled mulch & catch lawnmower. With a 3-speed transmission, it will make mowing large areas a breeze.


Toro may be the right brand for budget-conscious Aussies looking for a ride-on mower. We think John Deere makes a better long-term investment, however. The powerful, reliable engines, ease of use and innovative features compare very favourably. You can read more about how we think Toro compares with John Deere here.


Victa is a local favourite, a sentimental favourite for many an Aussie who watched their father use one. Setting sentiment aside for a moment, the Victa brand is sadly no longer Australian-owned. Like John Deere, these mowers run on Briggs & Stratton engines, which we rate highly. Their other parts may be made or finished locally, which can be helpful for arranging spares and maintenance. Overall, Victa mowers perform solidly in the Canstarblue ratings but have not threatened the leaders in recent years.


Rover brand lawn mowers are also solid, mid-table performers in the Canstarblue ratings. Rover lawn mowers were manufactured in Eagle Farm, Queensland until 2007 when their parent company MTD Products Australia moved production to China. Rover lawn mowers and parts are readily available however through a dealer network around Australia.

Choosing your next lawn mower

We hope this overview of popular lawn mower brands helps you choose the right lawn mower. If you want to compare some makes and models in more detail click here to see our full range.