Stihl MSA 300 C-O Pro Series Battery Chainsaw Skin (18″)


The Stihl MSA300 C-O is the first battery powered chainsaw to feature a full anti-vibration system making it extremely comfortable to use as it has the lowest vibration figures across all our battery and petrol-powered rear handle chainsaws. The Stihl MSA 300 C-O to three different levels ranging from 24 and 30 m/s which is controlled using a button that is easy for the user to reach. This allows the user to maximise the battery life by adjusting the chain speed to suit the task at hand. For example, for cutting small logs to size, level 1 will be sufficient. For felling, level 2 or 3 would be suitable depending on the size of the tree and trunk.

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The Stihl MSA 300 C-O is comparable in performance to the popular MS 261 C-M, one of our all-rounder petrol chainsaws. The STIHL MSA 300 C-O comes standard with the 18” Light 04 guide bar but it’s also available with a 16″ or 20” bar too. The RS Pro chain cuts 20% faster than the standard Rapid Super (RS) chainsaw chain due to the narrower kerf of the teeth, maximising the amount of work achievable on each charge. The new STIHL AP 500 S battery is one of five batteries in the AP system, was designed specifically to power the MSA 300 C-O. It’s the first battery in the AP System to use laminated battery cells capable of delivering an impressible high-power output of 3 kW. While it was designed especially for use with the MSA 300 C-O, it is also compatible will all models in STIHL’s growing AP Battery System with around 20% longer working times compared to the AP 300 S. The AP 500 S has STIHL Connected integrated into the battery housing too, so regardless of which machine you’re using it with, you’ll always be able to see how much work it has done.


  • Chain Pitch: 325.
  • Bar Length: 18”
  • Rated Voltage: 36V
  • Required Battery: AP500S
  • Run Time: Up to 44 mins with AP500S
  • Weight without battery: 5.4Kg

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