WOLF-Garten ZM 140 Hardwood Handle (140cm)


The WOLF-Garten ZM 140 Hardwood Handle is lightweight and strong. Its strength is second to none, and this handle will be your go-to when using Wolf-Garten garden tool heads. This lightweight handle easily attaches and locks into any of our WOLF-Garten® Garden Tool Heads, for easy, comfortable and efficient gardening.

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This traditional looking handle, made from Ash wood is a 140cm in length and offers great control across a range of gardening tasks without a long overhang. This is ideal when working on allotments or in more confined areas of the garden. A handle is the starting point for any multi-change® collection. The aluminium socket has a fixed seat, guaranteed to withstand vibration and absorb shock when in use making them extremely comfortable to use and long lasting. The easy-to-use release button allows you to securely lock in and remove the chosen tool head, enabling you to swap attachments in seconds.


  • Size: 140cm
  • Handle: Hardwood Handle Multi-star
  • Warranty: Lifetime

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