Stihl HTA 66 Battery Pole Pruner Skin


The Stihl HTA 66 Battery Pole Pruner is very lightweight and quiet yet powerful cordless pole pruner for grounds, garden and orchard maintenance. With ¼” PM3 saw chain, lightweight drive head with branch hook and rigid shaft. Total length 240 cm.

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Eliminate fuel costs and get the convenience of Lithium-Ion technology with the battery-powered HTA 66. This fixed length pole pruner is a cordless, low-maintenance and environmentally responsible option for professionals and homeowners alike. Running on an advanced 36-volt Lithium-Ion battery, the HTA 66 eliminates the need for fuel and two-cycle oil, and considerably reduces maintenance needs. It offers users low noise and lower vibration levels than its gas-powered equivalents, as well as automatic chain oiling making it the perfect pruner for many tree care needs. The robust branch hook allows for the easy removal of loose clippings from trees up to 12’ high, and the variable-speed trigger offers three performance settings for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Our lithium-Ion batteries are designed to be swapped between multiple STIHL battery-powered tools, so you can use a single battery to tackle a wide range of outdoor projects.


  • Chain Pitch: 1/4”P
  • Bar Length: 10”
  • Sound Pressure Level: 93dBA
  • Total Length: 2.63Mt
  • Battery Life: up to 68 minutes with AP300S
  • Weight without battery: 3.3Kg

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