Silvan 200L Professional High Pressure Smoothflo Trukpak Sprayer 15m Retractable Hose Reel


The Silvan 200L Professional High Pressure Smoothflow Trukpak Sprayers are self-contained sprayers, ideal for many spraying applications around the property where the additional pump pressure will offer greater distance or fine droplet spraying applications where required.  Ideal for spot spraying, fence lines, driveways, horse arenas, nurseries, many tree crops and general weed management around your property.

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Professional self-contained sprayers favoured for their flexible range of options and industrial design. Fit to Utility, carryall or UTV’s for a range of applications including pest control, road side spraying or on-farm.


  • Tank Size (L): 200
  • Pump Size (L/MIN); 5
  • Max Pressure: 200psi

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